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  • DM was started with a genuine concern for helping people make it on the Online platform. Our varied skills, expertise and commitment ensure restful nights for our clients.

    One of DM’s many proud achievements is teaffani.com which grew from a small Catering 1 truck enterprise to 4 trucks in a short 8 months. “Today, not a single day goes by without a catering event” is Joanne’s contended boast. We have more than 300 such websites to shout about! And the list is growing dazzlingly fast, but our team is more than up to it.

    Our responsive team is always on their toes, incorporating the latest technologies, designs, style, functionality, etc in a bid to help their clients stay at the top of their game.

    With their unique talents, figuring on top of the search engines is a certainty. Samir fervently believes “We guarantee results, or we have no reason to exist” which sentiment Joanne echoes.

    Both Anuar and Joanne sees their websites as a 24/7 tireless salesman – indefatigable and charming. Other than that, our clients also save on full time designers, programmers and mostly on man hours gone in supervising such staff. Our unique billing system kills any goof-off time and client’s pay for the exact hours of the service rendered successfully in a win – win situation. All that the client has to do is focus on his business and leave the online presence in our capable hands.

    But the story doesn’t end there. After having built a kick-ass website that delivers on all client parameters, we also train so that clients may take care of their websites’ themselves, lowering monthly outflows.

“Why pay for ads, when we can SEO your business to the top” is what we always tell our clients. We offer you the most comprehensive web solutions at unmatched prices. “We strive for your success; as your success is our success” is DM’s motto.

In the internet age, what you lose in perfection, you make up in speed. But for the DM group, perfection and speed go hand in hand. A case in point is the Kemuncak website built in a flat one week meeting all client specifications and classy in design as well. Samir says the clients must be able to do business immediately and should not be made to wait for a month. So she has a model where in even the most complex of websites get delivered within a week!

With our crack team of designers, developers, programmers DM is at the forefront of the web 2.0 revolution. To find out how we can help zoom your business to the stratosphere do call or email us for a quote.

But the story doesn’t end there. After having built a kick-ass website that delivers on all client parameters, we also train so that clients may take care of their websites’ themselves, lowering monthly outflows.

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    Joanne Lee

    Managing Director

  • Joanne Lee is a Graduate in Product and Industrial Design from QUT Brisbane, developed a love and passion for internet technology which she is yet to outgrow. If the aesthetics’ of DM amaze you for their beauty and style, it is in no small measure to Joanne’s eye for the finest which she picked up while designing jewellery for DeGem. Her team of 8 has a hard time matching up to her exacting tastes, but hey isn’t that what mentoring all about.


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  • “As long you are in business, so are we” Joanne tells a client and that pretty much sums up DesignerMatic’s business philosophy.

    Web 2.0 has revolutionized the way marketing is done. With the clutter out there, the challenge is first – to be found. We at DM ensure that you are.

    Guessoffice.com.my starting as an office furniture one man show in Semenyih now offers a complete office solution thanks to DM. It ranks 1st page on google for Office Furniture in KL. Axisdesign.com.my – a signage company is another satisfied client pointing to DM for its success thanks to their featuring on the first page of the google search.

    Once found you have to be attractive, which DM does with panache. In today’s world branding is of paramount importance. DM’s branding and aesthetics have taken www.syedbistro.com from a local food consultant to being a leading international halal food catering business.

    But in today’s world even dumb blondes don’t get a dance unless she’s are smart. Other than beauty, site functionality, intelligent design, easy to navigate features as also style score high. And not surprising, that too is right up DM’s alley.

    DM’s core team are high achievers with an average experience of 12 years bringing complimentary skills to the table.

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