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Help Topics

What is QashGift?

QashGift is a digital platform which allows customers to purchase e-gift certificates and can send them electronically to their intended recipients. Subsequently recipients of these e-gifts can redeem them for physical items of their choice from our participating merchants.

How do I get started with QashGift?

Firstly, you need to own a smartphone. If you are using an Android phone, you can download our mobile app entitled “QashGift” from Google’s PlayStore. If you are using an iOS phone, you can download our mobile app entitled “QashGift” from Apple’s App Store.


What if I do not own a Smartphone?

Don’t worry. For non-smartphone users, you can use your browser to access our user-friendly site at

Does the mobile app and the website have the same functionality?

Yes. We have designed both the mobile app and website to share the same ease of use and functionality. Therefore it does not matter whether you access QashGift from your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Do I need to pay to register as a user with QashGift?

No. Registration is absolutely FREE. In addition, we will reward you with a QashGift top-up value of RM10.00 for your very first QashGift redemption if you register with us by February 15th 2016.

Does the QashGift e-gift expire?

Yes, they do. We have 2 types of e-gift certificates i.e. Standard e-Gift and Flexi e-Gift. Standard e-Gifts has a validity period of 30 days whereas Flexi e-Gifts are valid for 60 days.

Can I extend the validity period of my e-Gifts?

Yes. Both the Standard and Flexi e-Gifts can have their validity extended for a small fee.

Where can I redeem my e-Gifts?

QashGifts e-gift certificates can be redeemed at any of our participating merchants within Malaysia.

Can I redeem My e-Gifts overseas?

No. At the moment Qashgift merchants are located only in Malaysia.

Do I get the value full when I purchase a QashGift e-Gift?

Yes. When you buy, say, a RM50.00 QashGift e-Gift certificate, you will receive the full value of the price you paid for. However, we will charge a fee of RM1.00 for every e-Gift transaction. This is to cover our operational costs for delivering this service to you. We strongly believe you will agree that this is a small fee to pay for the tremendous benefits and convenience you enjoy as a QashGift customer.

Is QashGift safe to use?

QashGift automatically encrypts your information which are sent from your computer into using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). When you log in to our site, our server will check to ensure that you are using an approved browser – one that uses SSL 3.0 or higher. Once your information reaches the QashGift site, it will reside on a secure server. QashGift servers sit behind an electronic firewall and are not directly connected to the internet, so your confidential information is securely protected.