• Gifts Redemption

    Customers download the free QashGift app and open their QR tab or provide their Qashgift QR card. Then, cashier will scan the QR Code with their devices and will prompt customers to input their 6 digit verification pin. Upon approval, they will key-in the amount of redemption and they will receive a digital receipt confirming their redemption upon approval.

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Four Ways To Accept Gifts Redemption

QashGift is easy and flexible to use. Whether you’re a small boutique, high end retailer or a franchise store, QashGift can seamlessly be used to drive and enhance your customer experience.


  • POS Integrated



    QashGift can be integrated into  the latest  technology  of POS systems. A QashGift Scanner plugs directly into the POS and is ready to read the user’s QR Code. The POS relays the code securely to QashGift to complete the transaction.

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  • Standalone


    Don’t have a POS that supports QashGift? You can use a standalone QashGift? Tablet + Scanner to process QashGift? The Scanner reads the QR Code and you enter your password and amount on the tablet which then completes the transaction.

  • Mobile App


    The QashGift Merchant App can be downloaded for free from the iPhone App Store or Android’s Google Play. The Merchant App uses your smartphone’s camera to read the customers QR Code, then you enter the amount to complete the transaction.

  • Members Campaign


    QashGift integrates with any online gift campaign, promotions and bulk gifting, enabling your customers, clients or staff to redeem their gifts  by them self no matter where they are. Rewarding someone becomes easy now!

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Built-in Campaign Program


QashGift’s campaign program is built to solve your business problems in a way that’s trackable and effective. Choose from a variety of automated campaigns, or create your own. QashGift can track results from point-of-impression to first purchase and beyond, giving you a true measure of ROI.



Premium Featured Campaign


Campaigns are designed to drive revenue. Some campaigns bring in new customers. Others engage your existing ones. Some target specific groups, others are for everybody. Below are reasons why campaigns can help.


  • All-in-one solution

    Bring new customers in the door and motivate existing ones to join your QashGift program. After each transaction, customers will be prompted to invite their friends to join them. They will drive customer experience.

  • Sell more

    Millions of people are buying gifts everyday. QashGift will help them to send faster, easier and save time with 24/7 access. Birthday & anniversary campaign is one perfect example to remind people to get them gifts.

  • Re-Engagement

    We’d like to believe that every customer will always come back again, but sometimes they forget. Re-engagement campaigns are built to automatically remind customers who haven’t been in a while to come back to your business.

  • WiFi Push

    Your morning customers only love your coffee but have never tried your sandwiches. Your lunch customers pass you by on the way to work to grab coffee at Starbucks. Use our WiFi push technology to invite your morning customers to try your lunch menu and vice-versa.

  • Make It Rain

    If you’re like most businesses, chances are that when it’s raining, your sales go down. We can help with that. No, we don’t have a weather machine, but we do have a campaign that can fire up automatically to drive customers in your door when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

  • And More

    There are tons more campaigns to explore. And we’re also building more all the time. And, you can even design your own campaigns or work with us to build one that’s perfect for your business.


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