Love just got digital!

With the advent of technology, lots of things changed. Is it any surprise Love did too?

  • Just the other day my Office Colleague Carol received a digital Gift Card with a personalized I Love You message. And coincidentally she received it as she was checking out the violet Jimmy Choo stilettoes to go with her new dress.

    It doesn’t take much imagination to know how that Gift Card was used, but what she didn’t know was that her BF happened to see her at Jimmy Choo’s. So much for coincidence! That very handy Qash Gift in his smart mobile helped Andy spontaneously take advantage of a situation and bring a smile on Carol’s face and maybe even cement a place in her heart.

    Nothing can beat a personal gift, personally delivered, but Digital Gift Cards are the next best thing! And at the forefront of this huge marketing trend is QashGift from Designermatic started by swashbuckling entrepreneurs – Samir Younes ( Evangelist), Ong KY (geek), Joanne Lee (flair) & Anuar Halim (Go-Getter). Seasoned IT professionals with a decade long experience of raking up top search engines listings for their clients, the trio spotted a Gifting Dilemma which cried out for resolving; and the result, QashGift – Send Gifts Smartly

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“We deliver a unique digital solution by innovating a gift platform that makes gift-buying a truly wonderful shopping experience for everyone.”

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  • Earlier retailers only had PPS (price, product, service) to stand out. But in today’s context Price as a strategy ispassé with the advent of online giants like AMAZON and retail superstores like Aeons. Products because of the wide variety and easy availability has stopped being a rallying point, which just leaves Service to take the gauntlet and lead sales. So Designermatic(DM) realized that Digital Gifts cards is a value added service and they furthered that by adding grace, love & passion to the whole exercise. They made ‘digital gifting’ which by all senses sounds counter intuitive into a highly personalized thing.

    QashGift also allows you to send personalized voice message and greeting. It’s not an original idea they admit, but it is relatively new to Malaysia. Companies have realized that it is crucial to adapt to the growth and advancements of technology to enhance customer experience.

    “Gift purchasing has never been this easy. QashGift is user-friendly, time-saving and a smarter way to purchase gifts for everyone, for every occasion and at anytime!”

    Merchants are now able to reach out to a wide global audience rapidly and effortlessly while maintaining customer loyalty. Gifts evoke feelings of worthiness, gratefulness & appreciation and since Gifts are without exception valued items, it is tremendous branding.

Our Core Team

  • Sam Haider

    Business Development Consultant

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    Joanne Lee

    Founder & Managing Director

  • ong


    Programming Director

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    Ng Wei Ken


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    Server Tech Manager

  • Joanne is a Graduate in Product and Industrial Design from QUT Brisbane, developed a love and passion for internet technology which she is yet to outgrow. If the aesthetics’ of DM amaze you for their beauty and style, it is in no small measure to Joan’s eye for the finest which she picked up while designing jewellery for DeGems. Her team of 8 has a hard time matching up to her exacting tastes, but hey isn’t that what mentoring all about.

    Sam is active in mentoring Startups & SME business to online digital success by way of Growth Hacking, payment system integration, business service profiling – all using customized mobile apps  is the forte of this serial entrepreneur – Sam! A  first page google ranking in a matter of just 4 – 6 weeks is what drives this digital Media Marketing Specialist, SEO Optimizer & E-commerce Expert! From owning and a running a Development and Production house in Pakistan, Sam indeed has a goodly bunch of achievements under his belt!
    Ong KY is a mechanical engineering major in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He is passionate about programming, QR solutions and internet of things. He is the creative genius behind QGs apps. Fighting a constant battlewith his natural flair and functionality, he lets functionality and ease of use win – each time. He has built QG’s apps iOS, android and windows from the ground up – native & original using his fluid programming skills.

    Ken – Wearing his VP technology tag lightly, Ken packs a mean punch when it comes to the business side. The easy glide of a website, is a reflection of his demented work ethic and genius. He single-handedly launched Celcom AirCash in 2009, the region’s first USSD-based mobile commerce/wallet service, being totally responsible for the technical development of its entire m-Commerce initiatives covering product development, system integration, user experience interface, product service enhancements and research and development. He is a degree holder from Staffordshire University.

    Darryl Yeoh is the master integrator combining server knowledge and skills across different platforms and systems. A geek in the real sense of the word, he is multi lingual as far as computer languages go speaking with a fluidity which belie his daftness at the human’s.

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