Get paid however you do business.

QashGift makes it easier for you to get paid – online, on mobile or by email, anywhere you do business. Manage all your payments and access additional features with a single QashGift account.


What is QashGift?

QashGift is an innovative user friendly, time saving application which allows people to purchase gifts for anyone, anytime, anywhere.


It is designed to spread happiness in the world by encouraging the disappearing act of giving & gifting bringing smiles all around. You may gift your friend or family; express appreciation to your staff, supplier & vendor or even donate to noble causes – all with a simple click on your smart phone.


QashGift allows Merchants to be a part of an increasingly digitalized world providing a new and trendy way to expand their customer base, increase revenue, brand awareness and engage customers in a win-win situation.


With QashGift, you simply send a digital gift voucher through your smart phone for the receiver to redeem a gift of their choice from the participating merchants.


  • Accept online payments

    A complete online payment solution. Accept credit card, debit card and QashGift payments for your business.

  • Add QashGift to your site

    Add QashGift to your existing website with online checkout to help improve the conversion rate of your eShop.

  • Automated

    Automatically send receipts to your customers upon redemption.

It’s simple to get started.


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    • Confirm your email address and link your bank account

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    • Choose a payment solution